Mission: Accomplished


Good evening, you dating fiend,

In honor of #motivationmonday and also #mancrushmonday, I’ve got a real treat for y’all.

Here is a classic BYU story.

There was a chance encounter outside of the Tanner Building on BYU campus.

A girl runs into a boy on her way home. He and his friend ask to chit chat for a minute, and she optimistically agrees.

The three throw around some witty banter, and boy asks girl if he can take her out sometime, and flattered, she agrees and gives him her number.


That night, they discuss going on a nice, Sunday drive–we’ve all been there. Mormons all do the same Sunday activities. This one I very much approve of, personally.

She suggests going on the Alpine Loop drive, because it’s scenic, but there aren’t any real “pull off” places…if you know what I mean.**

**That means places to pull over and make out if you did in fact, NOT know what I meant.

So he comes and picks her up, and they drive from Provo, up the canyon, and so far, things are going well. They are chatting and asking questions and getting to know each other. And they get to some place in the middle of the loop, and he pulls over.

Oh no. She thinks. Don’t do it.

It’s quiet.

No one says anything for a minute that to her, felt like an eternity.

“So, if I tried to kiss you right now, what would you do?” he asks, quite boldly.

“I’d say no”



But she pushes him away and he is surprised. The funny thing is though, that she is surprised that he is surprised.


He then bluntly states “wow, I didn’t think you really meant it.”

She then proceeds to lecture him from American Fork, all the way back down the canyon to Provo about not kissing strangers, and that no really means no, etc., etc. By the end of her (roughly 25 minute) lecture, he actually apologized for his actions.

Caught a little off guard, she tells him that he is forgiven.

He pleads with her to make it up to her by taking her on a real date. She *skeptically* agrees.

Then he tries it AGAIN.

His excuse?

“You’re just so hot and I want you.”


Ok, so there’s like a 96% chance that such a line in such context is NOT effective in Utah, ever. And it 100% did not work in this case.

That next Sunday, the lesson in Relief Society was about the Law of Chastity. One of the girls had mentioned being afraid of hurting a guy’s feelings, or being embarrassed, or not knowing what to say if she isn’t ready to be affectionate when the guy is.

Her bishop had made a comment about sticking up to the boys, and the girl of our story figured it was a good time to share her most recent encounter. After telling her story, the bishop just applauded.

Moral of the story:

While Church may not always be the best place to meet potential spouses, it is always the best place to tell horribly tragic dating encounters.




>>If any of you have stories you want to share, or lessons you have learned, or just an opinion, comment or shoot me an email! I’ll read and publish them, and you can know you’ve been part of something big. The Provo Chronicles is a big deal. Everyone reads them, you know. *kiss face


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