First Thing’s First–A Guide to First Dates

First dates.

Often slightly awkward–in a magical, new beginnings kind of way.

Everything is exciting, unfamiliar, and probably frightening…

From extravagant to simple, you’ve been on dates where you couldn’t care less what you did, because the other person’s company made it awesome.

And you’ve probably been on some doozies. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve read some unsuccessful attempts.

First dates can be intimidating, but you can still rock them with these 4 tips!


Alright, you love birds have met and made a connection, and now you’ve set up a date. GOOD JOB. You’re HALF WAY there. (Sort of.)

So, now you’ve got the date, what are you going to do?

You are going to either plan out something you like to do or you are going to call the person with whom you have the date and ask what he/she likes to do. You are NOT going to pick the other human up and then ask “hey so what do you want to do?” like a huge derp.

Take some time, invest some thought, and don’t be that person that never planned the date YOU set up.





Dating can get expensive, especially if you are the guy.

So have an arsenal of fun, short dates that will enable you ample time to get to know the kind of person you just asked out, and have fun with them! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to drop a million dollars on your date to make it a good one.

Conversely, if you make your date feel like they aren’t worth spending money on, they aren’t likely to respond well to that. Just think of things that are fun and relatively low key.



One of the biggest factors that ruin or solidify first dates is time.

If you plan a marathon date with someone you have just met, chances are that they will either love or hate you by the end of it. I’ve never been on the former end of that, so I’d say your chances of finding love vs making a mortal enemy are like 90-10.

If you end the date still wanting to spend time with the other person, that’s a GREAT sign! However, acting on that feeling and dragging the date on longer, especially if the other person isn’t feeling the same way, may just KILL that connection you’ve just made.

There’s a story about this.

Watch for it in later posts.



What good is it going to do to ask someone out and then go watch a movie?

First dates are inherently obnoxious, and pretty much everyone feels silly on them.

So just take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in your awkwardness and spend some time just talking and getting to know the other person. Usually, the more you know someone, the less they scare you.

Or the more you realize that you don’t want anything to do with their psychotic tendencies.



Either way seems like a win, win.




PS. If you have any tips or stories of your own, feel free to comment or shoot us an email! We’re here to make your dating dreams, a reality.

Or to just post tips and funny stories <<<Mostly that.



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