The Ballad of the Lonely

WHY YOUR RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS END ON A SOUR NOTE Dear Provo-lone, There's a song we've all come to know. We sing it at our low times. Some sing it more than others. It's the ballad of the lonely. The chorus chants the repetition of our failures, and the verses are filled with stories we use … Continue reading The Ballad of the Lonely


Forever Alone? There’s An App for That

SO MANY OPTIONS MAY BE THE PROBLEM Dear Prov-alone, Living in Silicon Slopes, you've probably met an entrepreneur or two. Especially if you've ever been to Belmont hot tub. Utah is a thriving metropolitan area where everyone wants to start their own business and market to each other. Marketing is a tricky and elusive avenue … Continue reading Forever Alone? There’s An App for That

Home Alone for the Holidays

PART TWO Dear Prov-alone, In light of the holidays, you are¬†painfully aware¬†of how single you are. Your mom, your Aunt Susan, your grandparents--they are all asking about your dating life. They're making passive aggressive comments, (and sometimes aggressive-aggressive comments) about how much happier you'd be if you weren't alone. As if you didn't already know. … Continue reading Home Alone for the Holidays

I Still Believe In You

PART ONE Dear Provo-lone, Every once in a while, someone comes along that changes you. This person is the one you love with everything you have, and then one day...they break you. In a way you've never been hurt before. Despite putting the pieces back together, you're never really the same. Relationships, dates, and other … Continue reading I Still Believe In You

Neg-romancing: Stop Sending Your Prospects To The Grave

NEW TERMS FOR OLD TRICKS: NEGGING Dear Provalone, As with everything else in life, dating evolves with time. Unfortunately, the same is true for the games people play in dating. There is a certain type of dater who is known as the collector. They are the daters that chase until feelings develop. They want attention … Continue reading Neg-romancing: Stop Sending Your Prospects To The Grave

Before You Quidditch Dating, Read This

BE THE CHOSEN ONE Dear Provoian, The weather is getting chillier, and the leaves are changing colors. Everyone is planning their costumes, and swiping their little fingers off, trying to find a special someone to share this romantic season with. Someone that you can force to dress as the Johnny to your June, or Winona … Continue reading Before You Quidditch Dating, Read This

Why You Might Not Be Getting a Second Date

MIND YOUR P'S AND Q'S Dear Prov-alone, Some time ago, a friend mentioned a girl that he had taken out on a date. He said they had tons of fun, he liked her, but never took her out again. How many times has this happened to you? Do you ever feel yourself being left in … Continue reading Why You Might Not Be Getting a Second Date