Bodies Aren’t The Only Things That Bruise

KEEP YOUR PANTS ON Dearest Provo Hunnie, Tonight is a solemn night. It's one remembered in reverence. This night you learn what happens when you long board down the canyon before you are ready. Bodies aren't the only things that bruise. Dave and Trish get set up by Trish's coworker. They meet up and have a … Continue reading Bodies Aren’t The Only Things That Bruise

Why Millenials Don’t Know How To Date

WHAT REALLY IS THE PROBLEM? Dearest Fam, The question was posed on Facebook: what are the biggest challenges you have experienced with dating? Nearly 300 comments came in. There are a few notable common struggles in dating today, but they all have the same root: Feminism. Unfortunately, current, or "neo-feminism" is no longer what feminism … Continue reading Why Millenials Don’t Know How To Date

Apology Accepted

TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS Hey Provo-hamians What happens when you get rejected? If you wait long enough, you might actually get an apology... 2 years after going on a few dates with a guy and rejecting his goodnight kiss, he sends her a message to not only apologize for the way he acted after the … Continue reading Apology Accepted

No, Thank You

DATING IS ALWAYS A TWO WAY STREET...RIGHT? Good evening Provo Fam, Have you ever been out with someone, and known that you weren't interested, but realized that what you want doesn't actually matter? One summer, upon attending a true Provo YSA classic (movie night,) Mia met Cameron. Much to the dismay of those watching the movie, … Continue reading No, Thank You

Savage AF

IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE JOKES, GET OUT OF THE 21ST CENTURY   Goooooooood morning Provo Valley!! "So the next time the two see each other, Jared greets her with a few jokes (as is his good humored nature,) and Ansley abruptly informs him that he is just a d*uche.." This lovely Saturday morning message is … Continue reading Savage AF

Users Beware

DATING CAN BE DANGEROUS, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL Good evening Provo Fam, Tonight's edition of The Provo Chronicles comes from a local who learned first hand what it's like to be on the receiving end of unwanted affection. This story goes out as a warning to everyone to be CAREFUL. It's hard to know what … Continue reading Users Beware

It’s Not You, It’s ME

TIME TO ANSWER FOE THE GEORGE COSTANZA CLASSIC EXCUSE... Dear Provo Homies, How many of you have ever heard that people come into your life for a reason? And then you meet someone, and suddenly, you can't help thinking..."why did I have to meet YOU?" Not all the people we meet and/or date influence our … Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s ME